Explore KAP

KAHRAMAA Awareness Park has won several international architecture awards for our conscious approach to energy and ecological conservation in its design and building.

In every aspect of the park, we sought to optimize the positive environmental impact of its construction by the efficient and moderate use of materials, energy, and development space.

We’re the only building in Qatar that uses three renewable forms of energy, and through our clever use of materials, we also need to use less energy to light and cool our park!

What’s inside?

There’s so much to discover at KAHRAMAA Awareness Park! You’ll be taken on an exciting journey through the lifecycle of water, from how we in Qatar make our saltwater drinkable, to the best ways to conserve it.

You’ll also learn about renewable energy, how it is made and the bright future Qatar has planned by using it. All of this through immersive and interactive exhibits across three floors!