Solar energy travels 93 million miles from the sun to the earth in less than 9 minutes!

Your students can be inspired to learn more about solar power through simple and fun experiments - helping them to better understand how it works, the benefits it provides, the history, and the bright future it offers Qatar. Project: Make a Solar Food Cooker! Using a rectangular cardboard box with no lid, aluminum foil, and poster board, kids can make a solar cooker that warms simple foods, like hot dogs. 1. Cut out symmetrical u-shaped curves along the top on the two longer edges of the box from one corner to the next. 2. Line the top of the box along the curve with a piece of poster board covered with aluminum foil, making it resemble a half-pipe at a skateboard park. The foil along the upper ends of the curve directs the sunlight to the bottom of the curve, toward the center of the box. 3. By making supports with wooden skewers and securing them to either side of the box, just above the bottom of the curved foil, you and your students can roast a hot dog on a sunny day!